Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a Complex Psychology client you have certain rights and responsibilities, please see below for more information.

Your Rights

Right to an advocate

Privacy and dignity

Right to be free from abuse, neglect, violence and preventable injury

Quality care appropriate to your needs

To be treated with dignity and respect, without discrimination

To have your individual needs and preference taken in to account

To participate in decisions about the nature of assistance provided to you

To have access to information relating to you

To complain and take action to resolve disputes

To have your information managed in a way that complies with relevant legislation

Your Responsibilities

To treat staff fairly and with respect

To accept responsibility for decisions you make regarding your care

Respect the rights of staff to wok in an environment free from harassment, discrimination or other offensive conduct.

To care for your own health and wellbeing as far as you are capable

To not request staff to undertake any duty that would place their physical or mental wellbeing in jeopardy.